Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here is to Independence - Month 23

Yippie... just a month to go for your 2nd birthday... and this is going to be my last monthly post. 

I know most of the times I keep cribbing about tantrums... but there still are somethings I love about the '23 month old Z'. I just love the fact that you have become Miss. Independent. You love to do everything... and I mean everything on your own. Stop blushing now... and stop smiling... when you want to cling on to us... you do not leave an option for us but to give in.

And your Daa-Daa is not your private property. Mommie can hug him or even shout at him... there is not need to cry baccha. Stop just clinging on to him on weekends... I know you love him... but he cannot carry you for 2 whole days. (we were just talking about Independence). Having said that, I must admit Z has developed a stronger bound with me now. Earlier Z was nowhere to be seen when Fizz was around. Now, there are times, when Z wants to hug me, kiss me, listen to a story and stay just with mommie. She does not want to go to Fizz when she wants me and vice-versa.

Z, another thing... just to make sure you know Fizz and me aren't hard of hearing. You can chill and say things without shouting... Please. Our ears are not insured.

You love wearing shoes, you change 4-5 shoes in a day... that's when we don't step out of the house... talk of shoe fetish. You hate brushing your teeth or your hair. Its so important sweets... so stop giving mommie a tough time.
You speak so much Mash'Allah... but you do not speak when we want you to. You know when we expect you to say 'pee-pee' or 'potty' but you just do not say it. You are so stubborn ya. Anyways take your time.

The best thing that happened this month was that we finalized your pre-school and got you admitted in Siksha Montessori. You join post their summer holidays when you turn 2.5 Insh'Allah... In June next year.

You are obsessed with going out of the house. You wear your shoes, take Mommie's bag, pick up the house keys, try to put it in the keyhole (even though that isn't the way to unlock the door when you are at home) and keep saying "Bye-Bye-Bye... Out... Let's Go". I love taking you out baccha, but you cannot expect me to take you out when we have entered the house only 5 minutes back.

Here is a zee-a-boo in the 23rd month of Zeeness.

My Doggie

With her best friend

My Bunny



  1. Aww God Bless her! My daughter is 3 months her senior and I tell you with 3 months more experience, the 3rd year is more tantrums alright but more hugs,more love and more hugs.. Its so much fun.

    1. Ahhh Sirisha, fun it is... I enjoy it myself (at times) :-). My mom tells me it's payback time :-)

  2. WOW...another month to go for 2nd bday. This is indeed a big milestone for these Big girls. Have fun sweety.

    BTW, last monthly post??? why??? **wails**

    1. It indeed is... Last monthly post because I guess now it is impossible for me to keep a track of what all nautanki she does. An event wise post would be more apt.


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