Friday, October 19, 2012

Motherhood: A Song Of Life - My Song of Life

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When I saw this beautiful video, I kept on saying... 'that is my story'... 'that's how it happened' or 'I'm sure this will happen in the similar manner'.

Cut to April 2010, I was just another woman, married for a little over 2 years. Extremely happy with my job (eagerly waiting for my promotion). We didn't plan to have a baby for another year or two. God had something else planned for us, in the last week of April my life changed totally. I was told, I'm pregnant and the baby is expected in December. It did take some time for me to accept the fact... I had lots and lots of questions ... my job, were we ready for a baby just yet?, were we ready to become mom & dad? So many questions and no answers. Once we made a decision of going ahead with the pregnancy, it was a smooth ride ... to say the least.

It was what you'd call a 'dream pregnancy' in my case. No complications, minimal morning sickness, no weakness or stress. I was healthy and continued working till the day Zoe was born (she was a premature baby). I was someone who always wanted to experience natural birth, and my gynecologist didn't see any reason why I wouldn't have one. On the 25th November, I was on a work from home and went for a normal check-up... due to some complications I had to be operated and Zoe came in this world on 26th November.

Zoe was the baby of my dreams... guess every mom would say that. The baby of my dreams did make sure every thing wasn't hunky dory, Sleepless nights, colic, an underweight baby and Delhi winters all added on to the stress. For me handling a baby alone with my super supportive husband was not really easy as well, I was clueless to say the least. These were problems and there were moments when I wanted to run away, but these moments didn't last long. When I saw Zoe smile, sit up, make funny faces, walk and surprise us with something new, all our worries vanished. She made sure she make us realize how blessed we were every single day.

Today my baby is all set to celebrate her 2nd birthday soon... and when I look back I cannot imagine how we lived without this little someone in our lives. I don't know whether I'm the perfect mum... but Zoe is the perfect little gift God has blessed me with. 

Me and Zoe

Us.. celebrating Zoe's Birthday in Goa

That is my Sweetheart.

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