Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Granparent's Love!

A couple of days back I posted this picture on my mum's Facebook wall, and then today I read a Welsh proverb 'Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.'

Grandparents... What do they mean to children. I've not been very fortunate with Grandparents, I'm not too close to any of my Grandmoms. My Paternal Grandad passed away before my parents got married, and my maternal GD a couple of years back. My only fond memories of a Grandparent were attached to my Nana... With him as well we've hardly spent time together. Now when I see my mom and my in-laws, I see the 'Grandparents', I've heard about. My dad was very fond of kids (little girls specially) but unfortunately for Z he passed away couple of years back. My mom stays with my elder sis in Delhi, my nephew is blessed to have her there. My in-laws stay in their house in Rourkela... Z hardly meets them as well. I feel so sorry for Z, when I think she's missing out on all the love and care she deserves.

When we were in Delhi, she met her Ammoo (my mum) at least every weekend. Coming to Bangalore was our decision, and we shifted when Zoe turned 4 months. Also when in Delhi, my in-laws came over more frequently as Delhi was closer to Rourkela compared to a Bangalore.  Since Z's Ammoo was in Delhi, if we had to go on a holiday to her grandparent's place, it would've been Rourkela. Now we constantly have to decide between the 2. :-(
I don't know about Fizz, I keep getting haunted by a question... Have I been unfair to Z when we took this decision. I never realized things would take this turn.

Z with her Ammoo

Zoe with her Daadi

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