Thursday, November 22, 2012

You want me to be 'Your Kinda mum?"

Why on earth people do not understand, no mom likes unwanted advise. I, for one have made it clear time and again... that I don't need your advise on my way of parenting... if and when I do, I would ask people I trust. Also, please do not pass comments on the kind of mum I'm. I'm not here to please you... As a mum, I do things which are good for Z, I don't even think of my comfort when it comes to Z... Z's happiness and betterment is all I think about. That's a huge task in itself and if you tell me to be 'your kind of mum...', I'm sorry I won't.

I'm a very different kind of person, call me insane or whatever you want if you please (many people do that behind my back). Similarly I'm extremely particular about the kind of mother I'm to Z. I don't listen to members of my family when it comes to Z, why should I listen to you. So Please, do me a favor and reserve your opinion for someone who appreciates them. 

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