Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yes Yes No No...

Z: Bikitti Bikitti
Me: Z, you have had a Biscuit in the morning, 1 day 1 biscuit ... you promised.
Z: Banana
Me: Here you go sweetheart (peeling the banana)
Z: No ... No... Bikitti want
Me: O.K Bad girl here you go
Z throws bikitti down from the balcony and calls me to show it. Uffffff

I read on babycenter that during this age babies contradict themselves and it is a good thing. I know she does try my patience but, the good thing is it at least is an indication that she is reaching a development milestone.

She will get excited for her afternoon nap and tugs my shirt ... "Mommy Ninnaa... Mommy Please". I save my files on the laptop, smile at her and take her to the bedroom... As I put her to bed and close my eyes (just that she knows I'm sleeping), I hear a voice.... "Bye-Bye Mommy, Out, Let's go". Now what do you expect me to do? Lose my cool??? Well I don't do that (read can't) I have a toddler at home.

Today, I did a mistake of going to pee when ma'am got up from her nap... She started saying "Bottle...Bottle." She started throwing a fit outside the washroom within 30 seconds.

I do have fits of anger (who won't? I'm pretty normal yeah). That doesn't last long, coz I think of all the adorable things she does and that brings an instant smile on my lips.  

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