Sunday, November 4, 2012

Decisions Decisions Decisions....

From the time I started working on MLCB, I was sure about one thing... I would not let this affect Z a bit. I only hold my classes on weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) as of now. I plan to get some more slots from next year onwards. I do my online work and other research etc. in the night, when Z is fast asleep (on most of the days). I try to schedule my meetings according to Z's schedule, but unfortunately that is not always possible. 

I mostly hold my classes in activity centers where Z loves playing... thanks to kid friendly places like Hide N Peek and ThinkBox. She loves these places, she did have a bad experience at one of the activity centers, because the caretaker who was looking after her did not take good care of her... so I had to drop that place, which claims that it is 'kid friendly' but it ain't really child appropriate. 

A big big thank you to Fizz, I don't have to utter a word and he is there (especially when it comes to taking care of Z) for us. 

My first season ends in 2nd week of December, and I plan to go on my annual Delhi vacation with Z Insh'Allah. Once I'm back around the 2nd week of January, I plan to start my next season. Now comes the decision bit... I have 2 options either I get a nice nanny, in this case I can keep Z in front of my eyes and can supervise the nanny. Else, there is a nice daycare near our house and we can opt for that...

Fizz is open with both of them, he has left the decision on me. How convenient... Huh?


  1. We seem to be sailing on similar boat...From december onwards i am planning to resume job or rather start hunt for job....and the same dilemma in my mind: nanny vs daycare...still not able to decide on it. Like Fizz SG is OK with either of them!!
    I somehow prefer daycare but every options has its pluses & minuses!! Let's see...
    All the best for zeroing to an option :-)

    1. I work from home most of the time, I will step out for my classes which will take 4-5 hours (including the travel bit). I think keeping her in a daycare for half day would be perfect for me. When I'm home, I try avoid working... especially when Z's alone and Fizz ain't there. So I guess a daycare would be perfect for me as well... but I have so so so many questions in my mind...

  2. I know that confusion. Luckily till date I have not encountered such confusion but never know how many days these 'happy days' gonna last. Incase Z can accompany you to your classes, nanny would be best coz she will be in front of your eyes. Else day care is an option. But do check the rules for sick child in the day care. Frequent sickness is what dreads me of playschool and day care. All the best.

    1. Getting a good maid is a huge huge problem. And when I take classes zoe is in the same premises but not in front of my eyes.


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