Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moms can Dream as well!

Moms can be dreamers too... don't you think so? I, for one am a mom with dreams. I'm extremely possessive about my family and my dreams (which are a big part of me). I dream so I'm. There are some dreams which are extremely personal (specially ones I have for my family and towards my religion) and I would not want to share those... but then there are those which I love talking about.
  • I want to be the best mom to The Toddler (A mom who has big dreams will be a mom first :-))
  • My Little Chatterbox was a dream which has come true... I know I still have a long way to go. Be it in spreading the words across Bangalore and spreading wings across India. I dream big, but that's a part of me.
  • I want to travel around the world with The Toddler and Fizz
  • I dream of being a constant learner, someone who never stops learning
  • I dream & I believe I would be able to become as healthy as I was before The Toddler was born... (more for myself and my family)
  • I want to write a book (a best-seller actually), sometime real soon
  • A small house in Goa, just for The Toddler, Fizz & Me
  • Last but not the least (in fact this is one of my biggest dreams) I want to raise The Toddler to be a healthy, happy confident, smart, intelligent, well-read young girl... who knows the difference between right and wrong... someone who values people, life and most importantly her individual self. Most importantly, I would like her to grow as a dreamer...
This is just glimpse in my dream world... Being a dreamer is a crucial part of me, and I sure do not want to lose them.

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