Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yap Yap Yapity Yap

The Toddler's favorite word is 'No'... which she says to milk, food, sleep, anything and everything when she's not in a mood.

Jooss, Bikiti, Ice-Ci-Ci that's what the Toddler keeps on asking the whole day long. I try to restrict myself, but give in to the juice demand at times. The Toddler doesn't like chocolates and if you give her 2 pieces she would end up eating half a piece and gives the rest to Mommie.

Her favorite word is 'Bye-Bye', 'Let's Go' if you take her out 100 times in a day, she will be gladly ready. Am I tearing my hair already?

Not really, coz with these demands, No's and bye byes... There are a lot of cute things the Toddler says and does. This makes us smile and make the not so terrible 2's turn into Terrific 2's.

Singing songs is her new-found obsession from Bigg Boss, to Muskane Jhooti Hain, to Po-Po-Po and even Fevicol se. **i don't know where to hide my face when I listen to the last 2**. She surprises us every time and when she is through, she says "Clap-Clap". She loves singing rhymes as well, Baa-Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle, wheels of the bus, if you're happy and you know it, I want to eat apples and bananas... She keeps on humming the entire day.

When I tell her 'you're a bad girl' she makes a sorry face and goes 'Sowiii'

When we act as if we are yawning, she keeps a hand on our face and goes "Awww-Aww... Ninnaa?"

If you take her on the road she will tell you where a car/bus/aatoo/bike is. And she points and says their name whenever she spots on... So you can imagine the amount of yapping that goes on (Masha'Allah).

She knows her numbers till 20, without a miss. She also recognizes yellow. Animal names/sounds/fruits/basic actions are passe and if you don't know what all she's been saying in these categories please refer to the old month updates.

So 'Aall is well' Masha'Allah, except the tantrums here and there.


  1. So adorable! I love this age when they are learning new words and surprise us with their new knowledge every other day. My lil one is a talkative princess and can talk the whole day and she is really good at using really profound words and freaking us out. Our lil one once embarrassed the hell out of us in Pizza Hut when we were waiting for our order and she started singing "Dil mera muft ka" from Agent Vinod at the top of her voice. I am praying that she doesn't discover the Fevicol Song. Ha Ha

    1. Hehehhee... it would have been hilarious and embarrassing at the same time... I doubt about 'picking up the Fevicol song' seeing the number of times it is aired on TV.


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