Monday, January 14, 2013

Project 52- Week 3- See you real soon...

I have always been a pretty 'stone hearted' mom. Though the Toddler gets loads of hugs, kisses, fun times, story times with me... I'm extremely certain I would not spoil her for sure. That definitely doesn't mean scolding her unnecessarily or spanking her. (I do not believe in spanking anyways).

Coming to the point, I mostly work from home but step out almost every day for meetings/trainings (this takes around 3-4 hours)... so I decided to put the Toddler in a daycare for half a day. I did get a lot of raised eyebrows and many people voiced their concerns. Thankfully both Fizz and me were alright about this arrangement. Another reason why this was a good option was that the Toddler gets to mingle with other people, especially kids. This would help her become more confident when she start school in June Insh'Allah. It would also help us adjust (which is all the more important) ...

So this is a Note to Toddler before she goes to the Daycare tomorrow:

Dearest the Toddler,

Mommie and Fizzy (that's what she calls her dad) love you a lot. You have been such a fuss-free chilled out girl, who is also extremely sharp and knows what she wants in life (read books and cookies).

Mom & Fizzy will be around, and if you miss us really bad... just hang in there, we will be with you in no time. Enjoy your day, have lots of fun, make many friends, and please do not throw a tantrum while getting potty trained.

We are there for you always sweetheart.

See You Real Soon.

Lots of Love always

Mommie n Fizzy


  1. That's a cute note :). I'm sure she's going to settle down in no time and have a great time!

    1. Thanks Aparna... :)

      I know she will, she is a strong girl :)


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