Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Facebook Update!

I'm back with the Sunday Facebook Update... Have been away (on vacation) but now I'm back and so are the updates.

  • People say a Leo never Grows up... Maybe that's why they make such Amazing parents...
    Zoe, you're so lucky Sweetheart ...  Momma loves U ♥
  • Back in Bangalore... We had a fab time in Delhi (despite the chill). Love you guys, Zoe has been saying Saamo, NooKha, NooNoo, Aamoo, Annie, Bhaijaan... Since morning. Now both of us are back to the love of our life.  
  • Akhtar you have told me the real meaning of 'Silence is Golden...' but you take it too seriously. This house will be a 'Noise Free Zone' for a good 2 weeks. Miss both your chatterboxes... We are already missing you Fizzy... :-*  

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