Monday, March 18, 2013

Some more Z-ness

The toddler has been on the roll right now, I can't believe my eyes when I see the changes in her on an almost daily basis...
  • Can't wait for her school to start, which will start in June In Sha Allah. The Toddler knows the name of her school, she keeps saying "Lets go to See-Saks" which mean Siksha (the name of the school she'll join)
  • If you are sitting quietly and not responding to her, she leaves every thing and says - Kya Hua... What Happened. 
  • Fizz loves taking a nap on Sunday afternoons, but now courtesy the toddler he hardly rests for a minute or so. The moment he makes himself comfortable on the bed... the toddler starts Uthiye ... lets go and she literally drags him out of the bed.
  • The Toddler loves her manners (at least till now), she always remembers her Sorry, You're Welcome and Excuse Me, you do not need to remind her. She is a little averse to saying Please... Whenever I remind her "Zoe say Please..." she says "No" 
  • This is from my Facebook status - Everytime I utter a word Zoe says "Shhhhhh... Mommy please quiet!" And she starts her chatting. Now temme whose the boss... I mean mom... :-( No one has ever done this to me... Sob Sob.
 Now I leave you with some pictures we clicked of Zoe over the weekend.


  1. She is adorable... enjoy every moment of it

  2. This is such a cute phase.. enjoy it :).. and which Siksha is this, my kids go/went to a place called Siksha too :).

    1. Yeah trying to enjoy as much. She will be starting Siksha Montessori BTM... It's really a small world... which Siksha did ur kids go to?


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