Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Fizz with Love...

I keep on telling these things to Fizz, but we tend to forget it ourselves. Both of us are so busy with our lives… Work is going good, we are happy (Mash Allah) but very very very busy. Handing our individual assignments, a toddler and a house without any help or any family besides us close by, it can be extremely taxing. We end up hurting the ones we love and hurting ourselves.

I miss our pre-Zoe times just because of this. Zoe has sure completed our family but when it comes to the 2 of us, we have time for everything and everyone but us. We’ve always been the best of friends and then a couple… I don’t want that to change.

So this one is for you Fizz:

  • It’s very important we take out time for ourselves, I miss those days.
  • A lunch or dinner date without Zoe looks impossible as of now, but whenever we can we will do it.
  • We’ve become parents, that doesn’t mean we have no time to pamper/compliment/take care of each other. (This is more for me than you.)
  • Whatever time we spend at home it’s either with Zoe or in front of our respective laptops. I guess the laptop time sure has to reduce. I know our work requires us to be in front of the laptop, but we can take out an hour a day at least.
  • Lastly, we have managed to take at least 2 vacations a year since Zoe became a part of our lives… we have to keep this tradition going strong.

Lots of Love…


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