Thursday, April 4, 2013

Terrible Twos??? Not Really

When you turned 2, four months back, I was very happy, I saw you turning into this little person who had an identity of her own. I was equally scared, people had literally warned me about how terrible kids become at 2. 

Your tantrums are on an all time high, but what has changed (for better) now is that you are able to say exactly what you want. Your tantrums were worse when you were around 18 months, because back then you weren't able to say what exactly you wanted. So what I said in this post titled "Queen of Tantrums" was actually correct. She has major melt downs now, Fizz and me at times literally don't understand how to handle them. Still soon after throwing a tantrum she does something that melts our heart.

I live alone throughout the day, just the toddler and me. She does help me a lot... She helps us in drying washed clothes, she has her meals (whenever she does) on her own... she does end up becoming messy, but I like the independent streak in my daughter. Once she is through with her meal, she goes and keeps her glass and plate near the sink. She spilled water today, and without telling me went and tried to clean it with the mop. She wasn't able to clean it properly is something I wasn't bothered about, I was there to do that. At dinner, she puts the mats on the table and also brings her glass and plate to give us company.

Fizz and me have been very particular, about involving the toddler in small chores. Seeing her do all this and more makes Mommy and Fizzy very happy and proud. 

For us, Mash'Allah it's turning out to be Terrific Twos and not Terrible Twos. Thanks to my baby for being such a doll - well for most of the time.


  1. Kala theeka for sure. These kids resembles each other so much in their actions. Love to Zoe...

    1. :) And still I can't believe we haven't met yet... I mean we have the kiddos haven't. Hope you're having a super time


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