Sunday, May 26, 2013

Zoe @ 2.5 Years

Sweety... here is something I have been meaning to tell you for a long long time... but seriously you know I don't get that kind of time. So here we go... better late than never ... isn't is doll.

Dearest Darling Zoe,

You are a big girl now... and you've become very mature as well... Mash'Allah. You know mommy has been really busy with her work. I keep on cribbing about how you disturb me right when I'm in the middle of something. I have to give you credit that most of the time you keep on playing with yourself. When you need mommy, you come to me and tell me what you want. Mostly your demands are "Read this book" and I 99% of the time give in.

I have started snapping back at you a lot. I'm sorry about that sweetheart, I would mend my ways... Mommie will try, promise.

One thing that really changed in the past couple of months is the way mommie and you have started bonding (touch wood). I love going to the park with you and love seeing you enjoy (especially on the slide... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). Love to shop with you as well... without your Fizzy asking us to hurry up. Most of all, something the both of us LOVE is browsing books at HippoCampson (That's what you say when you visit Hippocampus and even when you see their logo)... guess you're their youngest fan.

Lots of Love and Hugs
Momma / Ammi (and for God sake stick on to one)

So sweety... 2.5 years, 30 months!!! Are you on a growing mission sweetheart. You will start school soon Insh'Allah soon, just 15 more days to go. So let's talk about you now... last update was almost 6 months back and its long due now.
  • You still don't watch Cable TV, and if we watch TV in front of you, you leave the room or continue doing stuff that's of your interest. Whenever you watch TV, its YouTube or DVD, which includes your favorite Barney, teletubbies, Pokoyo, Pingu, Curious George and BBC Gruffalo movies. You watch these for an hour or so... which is your TV viewing in a day.
  • I used to call you a chatterbox when you hardly spoke (compared to what you do now) Mash'Allah ... Kalaa Teeka. You make small sentences, repeat every word we say and your favorite phrase is "Read It Book" and "What is This". When you ask "What is This" and we give the correct answer, you say "Very Good". If I have to keep a track of what all you speak, I will have to create a journal... seriously
  • Fizzy and Momma are still trying to convince you to get your hair cut, no matter how much we love your hair, a trim will at least give some shape to your tresses. Yes, I call them tresses because you treat your hair as it is your crowning glory in the real sense of the word. You have to brush them, after momma has detangled them and then you let momma comb them for you. You love getting teal maalish and that seems to be the only thing that relaxes you a little. 
  • You have become completely lean, and mommy doesn't has a problem with that (everyone else besides me and Fizz do)... you are growing tall by the day Mash'Allah.
  • You have shown me Two's can be Terrible & Terrific. When you don't want to listen to us... you do not want to listen. Period. If you want to do something, and we don't want you to do it, you have a melt down. I have mastered in ignoring you.
  • Having said that, I must say you are pretty well behaved girl. In parks, restaurants, malls etc. you behave like a nice girl and never forget to say "Thank You Very Much", "I'm Sorry" and "Excuse Me"
  • Goldilocks is your FAVORITE bedtime story and you snooze off before I complete the story.
  • Your love for books has grown many folds, when you see mommy is busy. You open a book and pretend to read with Voice Modulation and Expressions. 
  • Barbeque Nation is your favorite eating joint, the moment we cross it or you see the logo... you start jumping Barbeque Nasson Hai.
I can go on with the list but I will keep somethings to myself. Please Please Please consider what I said... relax sweety, no need to rush and grow up like this. Mommy and Fizz love you a lot.


  1. Hugs and much love to my doll on this big milestone. May Allah bless you in abundance. xoxo

  2. Happy 30th Zoe. And 'Read it book' is such a cute sentence :). Loveeee

    1. Thanks Sumita... The mini sentences they make are hilarious. :P


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