Monday, May 27, 2013

A Peek into Our Storytelling

Zoe and me follow this story telling ritual from the time she started walking around independently . I have been meaning to write about it for the longest time, but its become such an integral part of our lives that I forget about its being worthy of a separate post (which it indeed is).

So what happens, when I'm working on my laptop... Zoe comes to me at least 2 times in a day and says "Read it Book Mommy". Zoe pulls my hand, makes me sit on 'our' special reading place... The beanbag. Then she walks to her book box'es' and brings out books (one by one) and stacks these books besides me. The books that she always brings (now-a-days) are Gruffalo, Gruffalo's Child, In a People's House - Dr. Seuss, Head to Toe by Eric Carle. Besides these she brings what she likes. Then she climbs on my lap and we start reading. She picks the book, pretend-reads the name and the authors name... She knows all the book names and most author names. I read to her–one book after another–making sounds and gestures, taking out different voices, as I read to kids her age in my class. When I finish a story I say the end, and Zoe gives me a kiss... Then she picks another book.  I read till my legs hurt with Zoe sitting on them, I keep going on and on till I need water to quench my thirst. One session usually lasts 30-40 mins.

I know before every session that I will harly read a new book, because Zoe likes listening to familiar stories and when I get a new book I take it out at the end of our reading session and she gets very excited. This is the best part of our day. Zoe has learned numbers, animals, colors, shapes etc through books. And this even when I never took that extra effort to teach her. She listened to me read when she was in my womb and now loves listening to me hugging me.

I wish this doesn't change ever.


  1. My son has known his books, to my surprise, when he was 10 months old. I was not expecting this so I never checked if he knew them even before that. Knew as in identified. He still sits and looks at them but I have found that boys don't want to sit on a place for long. His interest in books has dwindled a little. I am a reader so I badly want him to be one too but I am going to pursue it in a subtle way. He does not have patience of letting me read the entire story. He likes those books more where he points and I tell him the objects' names. But I am confident he would come around. I have placed books all around the house. I get him new ones every now and then. I read to him evey day whether he sits at one place or not. We don't read at nap times because he wants to do masti and then he sleeps on his own, when we switch off lights and lie with him. We usually read in the afternoons or any such time when he is not in a masti mood otherwise he won't listen. It is also a known fact that usually girls take to reading first than boys.
    Any tips for little boys?

  2. The only time Zoe sits down and listens if only when I tell her a story. My nephew (4) is as obsessed about his books as Zoe is. All I did was give her lots of books and read in front of her (that is very important) I guess.

    We can't force a habit especially reading. Also I have never heard about girls taking up reading earlier or faster :)

  3. My son does not sit down for more than 5-10 minutes even then :-) At this age (he is exactly 2 months short of 2 years), he likes to 'do' things. He has many books and I read to him all the time. The only thing probably I have not done enough is to read in front of him in the fear of my books getting torn :-( But many times I have let him see my books too. He gets excited when I let him touch inside my bookshelf.
    Believe me, it is true. Generally, girls take up reading earlier than boys which is also true about talking. I have read in enough books and articles to believe that. Just Google you will find many resources. I will quote from books when I pick them up again, now I will not be able to recollect the jargons.

    1. Wow... lemme google. Maybe I will do a post on it. :) Talking yes, I have heard, and experienced... Girls pick up early. :) Just hang in there.

  4. I can completely relate to it. Btw the pretend-reading that Sherya does these days are the first stage of self-reading. Is that true? Someone at library here was telling me this when she saw Sherya trying to read on her own.

    1. Hey S, thanks for dropping by. They pretend read, Zoe imitates me and reads. She knows which page has what text in her favorite book. 2-4 years is the pre-reader stage where these 2 are in. The only thing they do which is at a higher level for their age is memorizing a book or a page and imitating the reader. :)


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