Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Fathers Day AJ

A father generally becomes an unsung hero, a second lead where the main protagonist is a mom and mostly not considered an equal parent. I know moms do a lot for the baby but dads do their share as well... especially in today's day and age. My dad was and will always remain my hero, he passed away 10 years back and no one can fill the void that he left in our lives... no one. My dad was my best friend... we played board games, talked, argued, discussed and had a lot of fun. It has been 10 years I haven't had a conversation with him... I miss him.

Mum was always our parent, but dad was always our friend. We could share anything and everything with 
AJ without thinking twice. That’s why when I had friends who were terrified of their dads I felt weird and I felt blessed. AJ was there besides us like this strong pillar who always was there by our side always… no matter what. Something’s that AJ did, which many dads miss on doing, make him stand apart from many daddies who do not become the equal parent.

AJ taught us how to have fun, how to be happy with or without any big reason... He taught us how to be patient... and when I say patient, I mean extremely patient. Especially when it comes to your children. He showed us how to respect our mom. He NEVER, never ever spoke to mom in a disrespectful manner (and I love him for that). He showed us it is OK to cry if you want to cry and let out your emotions. He was the one who showed us what believing in someone really means... he had a very strong belief in all his daughters. AJ was the one who made me dream, and told me dreams do come true. AJ told us, go for your dreams and dream big. He was the one who showed us what pampering your kids actually means... he spoilt us rotten. Mom was the strict one, but dad the most chilled out person I have ever come across.

I think I'm blessed when it comes to dads, like really blessed. There was dad and there is Fizz who is an amazing dad to my child. He is just like my AJ. He becomes my dad (not in the literal sense of the word though) when I really miss AJ.

This year two days after Father’s Day (18th June) will be dad’s 10th Death Anniversary. I still cannot believe he’s not there right here… because I know wherever he is; he is in a happy place. AJ can’t be sad for long. And AJ before he passed away gave me a very big responsibility; he told mom “Falak will make it really big in life… she’ll make me proud.”

AJ I know you are listening, I would have given up long back… but whenever I think of giving up on anything. I think of you… and I don’t have to do anything else. I just get up and start moving. Thanks for being there ALWAYS. 

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