Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Toddler turns into a 'Preschooler'

Yes, the day came and she did it. Zoe started school on the 10th of June 2013. She is going to Siksha Montessori, which is very close to our place. I went with her and sat there in her class for 2 days and then the teacher told me she can come alone tomorrow, let's try. I was not prepared for this, I was told it takes a week or so and here I see my little Z exploring the place from the word go.

I had already told her last night, that tomorrow Zoe will go alone to school... Mommy will say Bye-Bye and we will come to pick you up. When we dropped her this morning, she was crying but the moment she entered she became quiet in some time. When I dropped her at the gate I immediately sat in the car, but Fizz kept standing at the gate for sometime. When she was out of site, Fizz and me waited outside the school premises. There was a girl who was constantly crying, Fizz kept on saying its Zoe, and I kept saying she doesn't sound like her. After sometime the teacher came out with a kid who was hauling (who Fizz was mistakenly calling Zoe). The teacher told us, she stopped crying when she entered and now is fine. Once the 30 minutes got over, I heard Zoe's teacher calling her to come to the gate so that we can take her home. It took her 2-3 minutes to come as Miss Z was busy playing and we could see that from the gate.
I'm so proud of my Baby that I promised her an ice-cream treat tonight when Fizz comes from office. Another milestone accomplished successfully.

P.S one of the main reason she loves the school is the star and smiley face she gets every day at school :-)

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