Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eid, Birthday and I-Day Update

So Ramzaan's over and so is eid and my birthday. I have been trying to take out time to write but have been really busy courtesy MLCB and Tale in a Mail. Eid was celebrated in Z's school on Thursday, the kids were suppose to wear something traditional. Which was a task to say the least. She didn't want to wear her kurta - churidaar... eventually after a lot of convincing on my part and crying on Zoe's... I won. Here is what ma'am looked like when she went to school to celebrate Id.

The next day she wore a pretty pretty dress, and she loved the tu-tu (ish) skirt.

My birthday was a sad story this year. Though it did start with a BANG. Celebrating MLCB’s 1 year and cake cutting… all our plans went down the drain, coz Faizan had to work late and we couldn’t go out anywhere.

Zoe’s school celebrated Independence day today and ma’am was dressed up in churidaar Kurta yet again. The difference was, today we didn’t have any kind of tantrums in the morning. So I guess now she knows, if she wears what mamma says she will get lots of compliments :) . And both Momma and Z will be happy.

Z is not yet completely comfortable with School, coz she doesn’t mingle with everyone. She doesn’t cry and all though… So I just hope she does fine :) In this picture she is seen playing with her favorite pink tower :)

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