Friday, September 27, 2013

My Little Ms. Z

Zoe is growing and how… She now holds a complete conversation with us which we mostly understand. Well, 90% of the time we do. She scolds us, corrects us, explains things, tells us stories, laughs at her own jokes and is capable of crying at the drop of a hat. More than anything she does, she doesn’t stop surprising me every single day.

She is not even 3, we still have 2 months to go, but my Ms. Z is a person with a heart & mind of her own. I try to let her be that mostly, and I love seeing her evolve into a new person each day. She is so much like the both of us, she has got my looks, her dad’s determination, she has taken up speaking non-stop from me and her taste in food is just like her daddy. She loves her books like the both of us. Yet, Z is so different… she is a very social person, unlike me or Fizzy, she believes in showing she loves you unlike the both of us. And her famous ‘Nose Twitch’ is not found in Fizz or me. There are so many things that make her ‘Z’.


I love the special bond that Z and I have developed and this becomes all the more special as days pass. She might be her dad’s darling, but she is also her momma’s girl. She sees me busy in work, and she comes to me, gives me a kiss on my cheek and says “I love you Momo”. That and many other things she does, melts my heart…. but before I’m able to control my emotions and am able to say anything… she has gone. Doing something else, with equal amount of enthusiasm…

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