Monday, November 18, 2013

Her Z-ness

Random Updates:

Went to pick Z up from School today and asked the teacher hows she doing..... and I hear "Ohhhh she's doing great. Her energy is infectious and she loves to talk"
Why wasn't I surprised? She's just like me.

Zoe talking to the cushion (make belief Fizz)
Z: Fizzy do you miss me??? OK do you want to listen to a story. Opens her hands like a book. Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a jungle called Gina. Gina was sleeping, in the morning she saw a giant and giant said "Come Zoe Come" (how did Gina become Zoe???) Zoe shouted 'No,giant you bad bad boy ... go home.' Simish (Finish).
OK... Did you like the story???"

And Here is the Drama Queen...


  1. OMG..cuteness-overload I must say! You voice sound awesome too in the video. You should hear me speaking in any of those recorded videos..ROFL.


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