Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stay a Child Forever - Contest Entry On-Board the Mommyship

This post is for the Children's Day contest by On-Board the Mommyship, a blog by Rituparna, which I love reading. 

Here they want us to tell in not more than 150 words that one quality (why just one) you want your child to remember all his / her life.

I always wish Z keeps the child in her alive when she grows up, people say I've managed to do that... and I'm proud of the achievement. Z has taken so many things from me... I wish she adopts this one as well. :-)

You are special because you are able to forgive and forget easily, you smile at the drop of a hat, your curiosity knows no end... Z you love being funny and being yourself, you know how to have fun, you don't judge people around you based on XYZ, you love stories and believe in them, you do not believe in Failure, you smile from your heart!!! There are so many things about children... about Z that I love and would want her to keep these qualities in her forever. 

If I want to choose just one thing and would want you to keep that intact forever... it would be your quality to See Beauty in Anything and Everything... whether it is painting, your books, music, singing, people, a small insect, sand, cupcake, the distorted 'Piyatha' (Paratha) mom makes, the funny faces you make, it all. I just love it.

Always keep this in your heart because there is beauty in everything from a small pebble to big blue sky... God Bless You Z...

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