Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Story of the Past 5 Months

So, Z officially completed 5 months of Siksha today and I'm a proud mom. Though, she did take a little time to adjust to school without mom & dad... Now she is a happy kid and we are happy.  Though I would like to add she hated going to school when she was recovering from cold or the terrible stomach flu she had... but that is natural. I have seen so many positive changes that we can see in Z. Recently, a friend of mine asked what changes have you seen in Z since she started her school. That made me think about this post.
  • Z has always been a chatterbox, but now her vocabulary has improved immensely. She uses many new words every single day.
  • Z has definitely become more social. She doesn't get stressed when someone wants to speak to her or play with her now, as she used to get a couple of months back.
  • She has started taking interest in puzzles and legos, which initially she did not. Her speed as far as doing puzzles is concerned has increased.
  • She wants to go to school and keeps talking about her teachers and her friends.
  • She did go as a 'rock-star' for the fancy dress party & I hope to see her on stage on the Parent's Day function.
  • Z sings one or two new songs each day, her favorite song... can you believe it is 'Lakdi ki kathi' which was and will always remain close to my heart.
Now I like the fact that I had actually not listened to everyone who was suggesting me against a Montessori. I had listened to my instinct and I did make a right decision.

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