Monday, November 4, 2013

Z is a born story teller

I don't know what it is... is it her love for books... or watching her favorite Julia Donaldson story come live on TV  (put something else and Z will happily skip her 1 hour of TV).... or listening to her dad making some totally crazy stories... or seeing her mom narrate in the most animated manner.

Even if mom or dad are busy, she will look for a book and start reading ... she doesn't read yet. She pretend reads the book and makes an amazing story... right there and then. Picture this... I went for my cousin's wedding and at one of the functions I made Z sit on the couch and went to have dinner. Z looked around... picked up a brochure kept there and started reading out loud "Once upon a time... a long long time ago..." everybody looked at her and had a big laugh.

For Z, it wasn't funny, it was serious business. 

She prefers a book but, if she doesn't have one it is perfectly fine. For instance, I went to pick her up from school the other day and as I always do... I asked her what she did at school. She told me Gruffalo was there at school and she wasn't scared... According to her she even played with Gruffalo in the sandpit and with the pink blocks. Then again that day while sitting on the pot... she said 'Mamma I'm a vegetable. I'm a banana.' I told her 'Baby ... Banana is a fruit" then after thinking for a minute or two she said... "no I was a vegetable and I was a small green pea. I don't like green so I became a yellow banana."

This is common amongst 3.5 year olds but Z isn't 3 yet and she has been doing this for past couple of months.

All I do... well I just try to read more and I try I never stop her when she is trying to make up a story. I also ask a lot of questions when she is done. You should see the spark in her eyes when she answers my questions.... Its amazing!


  1. wow..this is incredible. Way to go sweety...Love. BTW, Falak I loveeeed the new look of this blog.

    1. Thanks Sumita... Purple is Z's favorite color... couldn't have gone wrong :-P


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