Sunday, November 3, 2013

Its the simple things in life that really matter…

Children, especially younger children are very simple creatures and simple things please them more than anything else. I say that with a mommy experience of almost 3 years. Z has lots and lots of toys… like many other children her age, but all her toys do not impress her for long enough. Simple things on the other hand keep Z happy and busy for longer period of time…

Books keep her completely engrossed (I know books don’t come cheap now…), that is the only thing she asks for and wants most of the time.

Even if I don’t talk about books, Z can be kept happily engaged for long. I was in Kanpur couple of weeks back for my cousin’s engagement and Z with her cousins was creating a ruckus. Well, I was there to keep the kids happy without much noise. I pasted sheets of brown paper with a scotch tape on the floor and gave all the kids lots of crayons. The kids (all between 2.5-6 years) were busy for a good one hour. The younger ones like Z did end up spoiling some beautiful pictures the elder ones were drawing.

I make sure I take Z to the park or our terrace everyday. There I let her do, pretty much whatever she wants.

I have bought a small broom and a duster for Z, she loves dusting around and cleaning the house with the two. I think she is a cleanliness freak like her dad.

Z has a chalk board and she loves scribbling on it with her chalks. She also has so much fun finger painting.

Z loves to talk and she can spend hours, if you are ready to sit and listen to what she says that is.

Leave her in the sand pit and see her get dirty in the matter of minutes.

Most of all Z loves getting/giving lots of kisses and huggies to ‘people she knows’. If you are a stranger to Z, meeting her for the 1st time… don’t even try to hug her. She will shriek the loudest shriek.

So, now we have stopped spending a lot on Z’s toys so much. We have also started donating her toys, which she has outgrown or has never touched.

I just wish I had realized it earlier and saved a lot of money we have already spent on her toys. I guess better late than never.


  1. You speak my mind dear. I think these girls have quite a few things in common. I was nodding my head on each and every line of this post. Waiting to meet you girls in person...hopefully soon :)

    1. Yeah they sound like some kind of twins :-D

      We got to meet up once you are back girl.


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