Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bringing in 2014

Every year around this time, I have a habit of preparing a list ... a list of to-do's in the coming year. And I have been a very good girl when it comes to following that list. This year I have prepared a similar list for Z, we are going to work on these 'new year resolutions' together. I just send a little prayer to the lord above, and hope to do these things together.

2013 was not a very smooth year for Z as far as her health is concerned, we need to work on improving the immunity levels for sure. We have already started working on the same and hope 2014 and the future will be healthier and happier for Little Miss. Z Inshaa'Allah.

Seeing my little girl performing on stage made me realize how she loves dancing (I know someone might get jealous, but she has taken this from me as well). I asked her whether she would want to join dance class and I got a BIG YES as my answer. So I'm looking for a place where I can enroll her till she turns 4 and joins Ballet.

Night potty training is another milestone which we need to work on and I will try to get this over and done with before you turn 4.

We bid 2013 good-bye and did lots of things Z wanted to. We went toy & book shopping, Z wanted to have donuts and she did... before going to bed, we watched Shrek and Z loved it.

Being Zoe's Mom is also taking a resolution for 2014... that will be to be more regular with posts and updates.

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