Thursday, January 2, 2014

Done with the first School Break


School holidays can be really stressful for some moms, because most of us don't just know what to do with the kids and how to keep them happily engaged... especially when you're not traveling. Some parents just believe in turning to the idiot box, which was not an option for me. Though Z did get to see more than what we usually would have done, keeping the movie we went for.

Here are some of the things I did to keep L'll Z engaged (please understand, I was not on leave, Z was. So I had to plan the schedule accordingly).

Stories & more Stories: It is obvious by now that Z's days are incomplete without her books. We explored some lovely books this holiday season... Stick Man, Snowmen at Christmas, Snoring Shanmugam, Squash and a Squeeze.

Movies: Z went to watch Dhoom3 with us, she loved the movie to say the least. She shrieked in the chase sequences, danced on the songs and shouted when she saw 'Two-Two Aamin Khan' on the big screen. She has been wanting to go once more, but I can't give in :(. We rolled in the new year by watching one of my favorite animation movie Shrek. Z loved it and her new year started with a big big smile. She has recently started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but Peppa still remains her favorite.

Give Z some crayons and a big chart paper and you're sorted. She can spend a long time painting the paper.

Blocks: Another thing she loves doing is playing with legos. Though she loves breaking a lego tower more. This is another thing she can go on doing for a long time.

Pretend Play: Z loves being a doctor with her doctor set, a car racer with her new remote controlled sports car, if she doesn't have a set in place we make up some stuff with play-doh. She picked this new Hamleys tea set, which initially I was a little apprehensive about... but Z loves playing with it. Z got a doll but she isn't much into dolls right now (I'm happy actually). She prefers her dinosaur, Mickey-Minnie stuff toys. 

Traveling around Bangalore: Whatever time I could take out, I took Z out to parks, playdates, malls (which I only like during Christmas)

Decorating her Christmas Tree: Z loved decorating her little Christmas tree with mamma.

I missed out on baking with Z, but we will do that soon.

Here is hoping your 2014 is super.

P.S BTW Z came across this song while I was watching TV, and the only thing she said was 'Zoe's Song, Zoe Drama Queen' **Runs to hide face**


  1. Hi Zoe's mommy,
    Your post title caught my attention. I am one of those moms who absolutely love having the kids at home during holidays. I start planning a time table in advance which has outings, movies, restaurants plus a bit of studies included, as I think that's the best time to get it done. Maybe i should write a post on our holiday hangouts too. Reading your post I did realise that activities for boys and girls are very different. With my 2 boys I need a lot, really a lot of physical activities to get them tired and in bed by the end of the day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Mehroo... well I do not think boys and girls need different activities. I'm unable to take Zoe out as much as I'd like to because I work from home and go out a lot for my sessions and meetings. Every child is different indeed, but I don't really think boys and girls need different things to keep them entertained.


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