Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Z Speaks

Z playing alone... I look at her and go to her.
Me: Hey baby do you want mamma to play with you?
Z: No Mamma. Please go back. Zoe is busy.
Me: Please Z can we play together
Z: No! Later. Go complete your work. Work on Laptop!

So for those who don't know I'm working out for the past couple of months. I was doing wall-sits (for those who do not know you need to stand against a wall). Z comes up ...

Z: Momma don't push the wall... it is bad habit.
Me: **Panting... Out of breath. Pushing people is bad, you can push the wall.
Z: No Momma, it is bad habit. Get away... see big doggie is coming he will bite you!

**I literally fell off.

Zoe going through one of her books in which Snoopy is dressed up as a bandit.
Z: Momma what is this?
Me: Ba, it is snoopy, dressed up with a patch on his eye. He is playing dress up
Z: Oh Momma... Snoopy is playing a bandit.

Her current obssession Zog has been read out again and again and she keeps saying... I'm Princess Pearl... I don't like dancing in a Silly Frilly Dress.
** I don't think she knows the complete meaning YET... But she has made mumma happy.

Leaving you with a picture
All I told her is that Z I want to click some pictures... I took these within a minute!

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