Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Pick - Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

Book: Good Night, Gorilla
Author: Peggy Rathmann

This is a wordless book (well almost) and it is a Beautiful Book for young children. Z has had this book for over 2 years now, she still loves it as much. It has lots of animals sneaking out after a Gorilla takes the keys out of the Zookeeper's pocket.

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction: I still remember, this was the first wordless book I picked and I remember as I browsed through the pages in Crosswords... there was a smile on my face throughout. I did not miss the words or the lack of it. 

The Toddler's take: When Z was little she loved the pictures, now she loves the antics of the animals. This is the first book she started reading (pretend reading) and she makes up her own stories when she browses through... all of them are lovely.

What it is about: It is bed time and like all of us animals need to sleep. The Zookeeper needs to make sure all the animals are in their cage and the cages are locked. The Gorilla takes the key out of the Zookeeper's pocket and then the fun begins as all animals follow the Zookeeper.

How We Read it: Since there are no words barring a few we make up our story and now I ask Z a lot of questions. If Z is in a mood she narrates the story to mom. 

Favorite Line: Has to be 'Good night, Gorilla'

Age Group:  2.5 years+ to enjoy the book

BZM Must Buy, you can pick it up from Flipkart

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