Thursday, January 9, 2014

Here is to fun in the Park and making new friends!

We love taking Z to the park, and she loves going to this one park not so close to home. Yesterday, when we were in the park she explored almost all the swings. For a little someone who was even scared to climb on the slide without mum and dad we have come a long way.

The best thing that happened in the park was Z make a new friend just like that. It so happened Z was sitting in one of those tunnels in the big slide and from the other side a girl (around 4) came and sat next to her. I was expecting Z would come and hug me, coz in the park she usually likes playing alone. Or she likes playing with the kids she is already friends with. I was in for a big surprise, Z started smiling and chatting with her new friend, she say with her for a good 20 minutes in the tunnel. Both the girls didn't let anyone else come in the tunnel till the time they were sitting.

Here are 'some' pictures I took.


Z and her new friend, whose name she forgot to ask :-P

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