Saturday, March 29, 2014


So, we got Z's report card today, and I'm so proud of my girl today, my smarty pants. Anyways... the reason for this post is not to discuss the interaction with the teacher (which went on so well)... I write this because  Z's vacation has begun. Now the thing is, I have not enrolled Z in any Summer camps. She will be with me in 'The Reading Room' and then I mostly believe in letting Z be. She loves exploring things on her own and I love that about her. Then obviously reading will be a regular activity (Z won't let go without reading). Weekends will be for outdoor activities and/or friends, I have assigned Tuesdays and Fridays for Phonics. And the rest of the days would be lots of fun activities. 

Why I decided to start #60Days60Activities?

Well I wanted to keep Z involved in a planned activity for an hour. Z doesn't like sitting in front of the screen, and I don't want that to change. 

Everyday I will do a post on #60Days60Activities starting 1st April to 30th May.


  1. Would love to know about activities for a 2 year old too :)

    1. Hey Smita, thanks for dropping by, you can actually do this with a 2 year old as well :)


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