Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 1 - #60Days60Activities - The Panda Bath

As we mentioned here we would be doing a planned activity a day for #60Days60Activities.

Day 1: The Panda Bath
If you do read our posts (I hope you do) then you might be aware that Z has a collection of pandas that come with the gems ball. Our home is filled with unconsumed gems, and the only attraction is the panda that comes with the ball. I thought it would be perfect to do an activity with Pandas, cold water (since the pandas change color in cold water) and bathing. 

We took a big tub filled 2/3rd with cold soap water, a mug of clean water, a towel and our Panda force. 

Zoe dipped the pandas in the big tub.

Took them out one by one


Rubbed them nicely


Put them in the clean cold water

Took them out, dried them up with a towel

And we got a super happy Z and a super day 1 activity. 


  1. Lovely! awesome idea.... Dhruv just got his first panda today & is badly waiting for his panda activity !!

  2. I'll pass your activity on to friends with children. If you're staying with the A to Z Blog Challenge, you might disable your word verification during April to encourage bloggers to leave comments.

  3. Thanks for dropping by. and yes I'm taking a part of the A to Z challenge. Have disabled the word verification. Thanks a ton.


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