Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Z Speaks - An interview of sorts

So Z will turn 3.5 years on the 26th of this month, wooohoooo. OK. I thought I would record a little conversation with my little chatterbox.

Yenna ... Mind it!

Here goes:

  • OK, Z let's do some talking. Are you ready big girl?
Ma, middle sized girl. 
  • Oh! sorry so you are ready my middle sized girl?
  • Where is Fizzy? Where has he gone?
To work mum, to office
  • Nice and what does he do at work?
Ma, he works on the laptop and then he has food then he works and then he comes in the red car to home.
  • Right... he comes home in the red car. Good girl. What does ma do?
Ma goes to library, to read story.... and gives paper to all of them and to me also (I guess she is referring to the craft activities). And also sounds and we have cake also (the kids had cake in the last phonics class).
  •  Do you go to work with Fizzy?
Oho... no ma, I go to school, and I do puzzles, pounding-pounding, sounds and world map. And listen to stories.... and in snack time then I eat something.
  • OK, and what do you eat?
I eat 'edly' (idli)
  • Let's talk about colours... what is your favorite colour?
I like yellow and also I like green also. But I like only white edly
  • And when you are a big girl what do you want to do? What will you become
I will go to big school like Riddhi and Shehan (her seniors who have graduated). And I will have my friends only in the school only. Like Riddhi, Rohan, Shehan, Ishika, Jivesh, Jainesh, Umaima and Neha.  And also Vinaya aunty also.
  • What will you do you do when you drown bigger like ma?
I will have sabzi and roti and not edly. Then I will go to ma's library. And I will read stories and do lots of things.
  • So will you take ma to the reading room with you?
Oho ma, ok I will take you. But you sit on the black mat and I will sit on the green chair... OK??? (I sit on a green chair and the kids sit on the mat, so I hope you get the point ;-))

OK bye now.

**These are exactly her words I recorded the voice clip and jotted it down. 

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