Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Dad Bestest

Dearest Fizzy,
I don't know why do we create such a hype around Fathers Day? Isn't every day Fathers Day... I guess not, not all daddies are like Fizzy. Thanks for being the coolest dad I could have ever asked for. Ma keeps telling me AJ (my Granddad) was the coolest dad, but I just can't agree to that... anyways.You keep on doing so so much for me.... and I love it.

  • You have completely changed your work timing from the day I came in your life, so that you can spend more time with me. 
  • I just love to play in the tent with you, so what if you can't fit in the tent completely. At least I get a big chunk of you. 
  • You spoil me rotten.... I wish Momma wasn't such a control freak.
  • You do what I want you to do, you are my best buddy. You have always been and will always be my BFF.Though Jeevesh is also my best friend please remember.
  • I love when we go shopping, when Ma is away for her meetings. We can give up the 'dressing in the same colour combination' bit... its too childish even for me.

Here is a list of things I have told Momma to ask from you on Fathers Day (you don't expect me to give you a gift, I'm just 3.5 year old Fizzy)
  • Dora Puzzle, I know I already have 2 of them but I need just 1 more
  • Charlie and Lola books (I just have 2 of them right now and I love them)
  • Please wait outside Siksha with me till Jeevesh comes, I don't want to leave my best friend behind.... I'm such a good girl no?
  • A big bed for me to sleep in (this one Momma has added, I'm comfortable where I am, so you can ignore this request).
  • Your weekends are reserved for me, do not forget that. 
Lots of Love
Letter to my Dad - BZM
Dearest A.J,
Hugs... I know you are the best dad I could have asked for, so please ignore the letter above :).
Its because of you guys (you and Ma), I am what I am today. Professionally, today I am able to do whatever little I can because you always always always trusted us, your daughters. You gave me a direction which I realized almost a decade after you passed away. 
Now, when I look back I realize you were such a chilled out dad, I never remember a single instance where you raised your voice on us (that was ma's forte :-P... Sorry Mamma :-D)
You just had 1 parenting funda... let them have what they want, yes you made sure we were spoilt. You trusted us blindly and that made us become responsible. Coz we were aware we have such a big burden on our shoulders and we can't break your trust. 
Love you A.J Today and forever. 

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