Friday, September 19, 2014

My Little Ms. Z - My Reading Star

Z's new found obsession is not just listening to stories while I read them... now she tries to read them as well. Putting letter sounds together is what my Reading Star loves and she isn't even 4 yet. I'm not talking about CVCs here, she reads longer words as well, obviously not the ones which are tricky. 

Now, I take Phonics classes for kids, some of them start reading effortlessly, like Z and some take a little more time. Each child has their own interest and their own capabilities. I encourage Z, because even when I don't sit with her and read together, she reads anything and everything... from billboards to menu cards to books to newspaper et al. 

On her last PTM, her teachers expressed that they were pleasantly surprised see her blend at this age. She started writing post the PTM and her teachers informed us, usually kids start writing and then reading... very few kids read first. Her pediatrician was also amazed at the development. 

The reason why Z shows interest in reading is because she loves her books and she says she wants to read them herself (like Mamma does) very soon. I just encouraged her in a field she is interested in... I just guided her on Phonics... like I do with other children her age... but she made her mom super proud.

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