Monday, October 13, 2014

So! What do you think Z?

Z is over and done with a stage where she used to rely on her parents for anything and everything. The good thing is she is extremely independent. The bad thing is we think she is growing up and we miss the baby, Z was not long back.

Now whenever we have to take a decision, as a family (at least the smaller ones Z is directly involved with), we try to involve Z. Right now, these are fairly simple things like, what should we have for lunch... what should we do on weekends as a family, what shirt should her dad wear (that is between Z & dad and, I must say, she has an extremely good sense of colours).

It is good because we think, Z feels important, she thinks she is an important member in the house. Another important thing that happened is, Z has now become less stubborn and she is open to listen to what her parents have to say... not only listen, she also agrees to what we say. Z has become extremely attached (not clingy) to the both of us as well.

With her fourth birthday approaching, I have planned something special for November - her birthday month. There is something special for 26 Days of November. There will be a party on Being Zoe's Mum.

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