Monday, January 19, 2015

Observation in a Montessori

Observation is an amazing experience a Montessori parent goes through. At least, I can say that for me and the husband. It was our 2nd observation since Z joined Siksha. Just see her and the other kids around work in the environment is amazing. I felt a sense of pride, seeing Z do her work (Masha'Allah). 

Getting a feedback from her teacher was such a relief. I remember, back in our days, we use to be scared before our PTMs. Even parents of the brightest child (academically) had to hear some not so good things. The way Montessori trained teachers are so good. Its not about presenting a huge list of complaints in front of the parents. It is always about how we as parents and the teachers can work together for the child. I did have a problem with Z not showing any interest in writing, and all her 'Aunty' said was, 'She is working hard at it, I know she will get there...'

Another reason why I love the Montessori environment. I wish there were Montessori schools in India when I was younger. Anyway, I'm happy I'm getting this experience through my daughter.

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