Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlie and Lola Series

Yay! Our first Book Review of 2015

Book: Charlie and Lola Series
Created by: Lauren Child
For ages: 4+ years 

Books Z has and she wants more!

I was never a fan of a series when it came to reading, till I was about 8 years.Z definitely beat me hands down. 

She loves Peppa Pig series (which I'm not a great fan of, I mean its just like the television series). Charlie and Lola (C&L) is such a TV series which has amazing books. I definitely love the books more and so does Z. Actually, Z hasn't seen much of C&L baring one episode. 

Why I chose the book? The first I picked was for the Reading Room and when I read it to Z in Crosswords she was in splits... So was I, because Z is so Lola. She is Lola personified. We have around 6 of the books from the series and man... does she love it or what.

Z's take: She has been hooked on to C&L for quite sometime now. She loves the book. 

What it is about: It is a series about Lola (who is pretty Z-like) and her older brother Charlie. Their relationship, their antiques, Lola's drama and Charlie tackling the situation in his own style. 

How We Read it: Nothing much, the content is hilarious and keeps mum-Z engaged.

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