Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do you talk to your child? I do...

"Mumsy should I tell you about school?" or "Fizzy can we do some talking-talking?" these are sentences that our 4 year old uses on a daily basis, in fact many times during her day. Our days are incomplete without two things, talking and reading of course. Having a conversation with your child no matter they are 2 or 20 is crucial. Z knows she can tell Fizz and me anything and everything. I know, she is pretty young right now, and it is easier. We try to make 'having a heart to heart conversation' normal in our household... between the three of us. 

That is how it usually happens (image courtesy She Knows)

Communicating with younger kids is easy and tough. It is tough to make them express what they really want; once that is sorted things become easier. We strongly believe in the power of communicating with the child... it is one of the crucial aspects of parenting. In our case we believe talking and listening both are crucial. We make sure when she is telling us something, we do not have any interruptions (which means no mobile phones and I-Pads or television).
When Z comes and tells us something, we always encourage that. When we talk to each other, we try to keep it extremely normal, not routine... it’s not a chore or task.
This post might look like one of those 'gyaan' posts I rarely do. I had to do this, because I learned it the hard way. At a point in time I got so busy that I forgot the importance of talking to Z... just talking (and that doesn't include instructing or asking close ended questions).
I had put in a lot of effort and I have seen a marked difference in our relationship. Now I actually look forward to those moments when I can speak to Z or she can pour her heart out. At times (in fact most of the times), what she says is completely random... but I don't mind that really. At least she knows I'm listening which I genuinely do.
Do you take out time every day to just be with your child... just talk to them without any reason? If you haven't ... TRY

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