Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BZM Bookalicious Tuesdays - Madeline

Book:  Madeline
Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
For ages: 4+

Why we picked it and what was our reaction: Childhood memories... lots of them attached with Madeline, I had to introduce this one to Z. I wish, I had the book I owned as a child. I have still not outgrown Madeline, still enjoy it as much.

BZM Take: We love Madeline, I want to introduce other books in the series to her as well. Z has recently learned about Paris and Eiffel Tower, she loves the book all the more now. Some people say its for girls, I would beg to differ. I have seen boys enjoy it as much. Z says Madeline is just like her and I believe so too.

BZM Madeline Moment: As many of you might be aware, Madeline gets operated and proudly shows her scar, I showed Z my scar (I got from the Cesarean), Z said "Oh! Mumsy, you should have let me be in your tummy. This must have hurt so much."

BZM gives: Nothing, but a perfect 10!

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