Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Little World Explorer

Monuments... World monuments are what Zoe is into these days. I'm a super happy mum. I learned to appreciate world monuments from my mum and Z has got it from don't know who, because both Fizz and me love to read about different monuments around the world. Right now, her focus is on the wonders of the world or the really popular (at 4 I didn't even know any of those existed).

A huge thank you to her teacher and her school, she knows about Eiffel tower, Buckingham Palace and Statue of liberty. She has also learned about Venice. She loves talking about them when she comes back from school. 

"Mamma you know Eiffel tower has so many lifts, its in Paris"...
 “Mamma statue of liberty is in New York on an island... She has a lamp (torch) in her hand."
"Fizzy the guards in Buckingham Palace wear red and black... Can we go to London Fizzy."
"Fizzy if we go to Venice we won't need a car but a boat."
Her favourite by far is the Eiffel tower, she has an Eiffel tower T-Shirt (thanks to Bhaijaan) and an Eiffel tower book (Madeline). She loves Madeline all the more because it is based in Paris.

We hope we can show her these beautiful places sometime soon (in near future).
She has graduated from the World map to the Asia map. She loves geography and I hope she stays as passionate about things she likes as she is right now.
The reason why we believe in Montessori education so much is because... Kids are exposed to all this and more... they are so happy and interested to learn about everything.

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