Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Unconventional Mom: That's me

I'm a pretty unconventional mom, I feel like that because I hardly see or read about moms like me. I do see some of the likes of me around me, and those are the ones I connect with instantly (mostly).
Definition of a Mom has changed over the years (and thank God for that).

I can fight with Z for that last piece of chocolate, its just that I don't like chocolates.
I let Z get bored, because I feel she will eventually find something to do... which she does.

I make sure, I have a conversation (a proper conversation) with Z every day (and I'm not talking about "How was school?" "Okay" kind of conversations). No matter how busy I'm. I trust her, when she tells me something, I try to leave what I'm doing and LISTEN.

I'm not the first one to rush to her if she falls, if she can get up on her own, I'm happier.... I feel better when she gets up, dusts herself and gets back to what she was doing.

I don't miss my workouts or my classes and Z knows she cannot disturb me until its really important.
I do make Z do the household chores, especially her work. She helps me at my center as well.

I let Z eat her meals, even though that might mean a mess most of the time.... but she loves it.
I'm that mommy who is OK if the child doesn't want to have her lunch when I want her to.
I do make sure I hug Z whenever I can every single day.

I do shout and I apologize as well, if I'm at fault.

Z gets her time outs when she needs to cool down and so do I. We sit in the same cool corner...
My life doesn't always revolve around Z and at times I have to schedule her day based on my schedule.

Do I get judged... Yes... Do I care... No (not any more). Am I happy with the things I do? Mostly... and I'm ready to learn and become better.

Thankfully, I confident, I'll manage just fine... because just like other 'perfect' moms out there, Z tells me every single day how much she adores me. I know I'm perfect for Z, as all of you are for your kids. Whether you're as weird as I'm or I'm as proper as someone can be... We are all great parents (moms) to our kids.

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