Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Amazing years of Z-Ness

Dearest Darling Z or Mini-Me,
5th birthdays have a huge hype around them, like your firsts. It's supposed to be a birthday where a little child suddenly turns into a big boy or girl, but I remember you have been trying to prove that you have become a big girl from the time you were born. I dare not call you a tot or a baby, because you get super offended. You still are a baby in so many ways... so the big girl tag will have to wait for a few years...
So, my dear 'little girl' (hope that gets approved), you have come a long way... In fact, we have come a long way. 5th birthday has to be super special, and it'll be exactly that and much more.

Z, you're a little girl who has a personality of your own. We cannot make you do something until you're completely convinced. The way you react in a situation amazes me. You are someone who never cease to surprise me (us). Each day you show us, how you can independently handle things you were unable to just a few months back.
Sometimes, you just say something and I have no choice but to marvel at your intelligence. Your thoughts, and the way you put things across just leaves me stunned. And then, all of a sudden, you become a little baby, craving for attention, laughing at the silliest things, enjoying the simplest of things and just love being the baby you still are (oops I'm sorry).
You're super smart (Alhamdulillah) and you're also extremely naive as well. When I compare many other 5 year olds with you, I clearly see that. You don't whine the whole day long, the boy v/s girls thing hasn't touched you a bit (I'd like to take credit for that), you don't hit, pull, bang, you're moody but never disobedient.
In short sweety, you're my rock star (have always been, will always be).
Your love for books and reading is something that's stayed with you from the time you were a little baby. Your books are one of your best buddies. In fact your love for books just keeps growing. From The Hungry Caterpillar to Dahl and Enid Blyton, you have come a long way.
You're a skinny little girl who loves to eat anything and everything we eat. That's an achievement for us as parents. You like junk, but before we have to remind you, you remind yourself it's not healthy.
You're Mumsy's little helper in every way. You help me at home as well as at the centre. This is something I just love about you (besides many others). You just love helping everyone (not just me). The reason being, you love limelight, but nonetheless, you are my best helper.
The little shy Z is going away, and I see a more a confident you emerge every single day.
You are pretty head strong and you have almost perfected the art of expressing what is not acceptable. No, don't get me wrong, you're not a difficult child, in fact, you have been quite a blessing (Alhamdulillah). You're headstrong, and I love you for that. I'm strong willed as well and I love to see that element in you.
That doesn't make you any less sensible. In fact, the other day I was observing you at Hamley's. A big reason why you visit Hamley's is because there's a tub of water with pretend fish and other sea creatures in that. You love playing with them. That day, a boy pulled out all the fish you were playing with. You didn't fight, you patiently waited for your turn. When he pulled the fish again, you politely said 'Please can we share?' and you did get what you wanted, the way you wanted it. I was so proud of you.
I try to be a mum who is your friend when needed, but you should always remember me as your mum first. The reason is simple, you'll have many friends, but I'm the only mom you'll have.
Fizz and me have a message for you.
Here are a few 'words of wisdom' from your Mumsy:
a. You can be anything you want. Just respect yourself and love your self for who/what you are.
b. This world is full of different kind of people... good, not so good, silly, smart, et al. People might want to judge you, might want to put you in their own mold... Don't fall in that trap. NEVER. Don't let people bother you, its not worth it.
c. You have your opinions, others have theirs. Don't force yours on others, don't shy away from expressing your opinions as well.
d. Never change yourself, just because someone else would like it that way.
e. We are individuals first, then boys and girls. You, as an individual are special, and no less. Society has set certain stereotypes, follow them if you like, break them if you wish.
f. Peer pressure will take you no where. 
Here's what Fizz wants to say, "Stay who you are, don't change yourself for anyone."
Always always always remember your Mumsy and Fizzy are right besides you when you need us. Some people might claim they love you more than your parents... Not true.

Happy Birthday once more girl.... Keep Rocking and May Allah Ta'ala bless you always
Lots of Love 

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