Friday, December 11, 2015

Don't forget to relax with a cup of coffee/tea and a book

Tuesdays are our days of bonding, I don't work on Tuesdays and without daddy, both of us are left to ourselves... we love that. We go for movies, lunch dates, shopping and have a lot of fun. Last Tuesday, when I picked Z up, I asked her "So, what's the plan?" She thought for a couple of seconds and replied "Let's just relax at home Mumsy"... and relax we did.

We chatted, read, called for a pizza, listened to some music, build a lego house and just 'lounged' around the house. No agenda, no deadlines, no hurry nothing. When I read a book to Z at bedtime and I kissed her goodnight, she smiled and said "I loved doing lots of fun stuff with you today Mumsy." Those lines echoed in my ears even after Z was fast asleep. I realized how much I enjoyed doing nothing with my Little Miss. Actually we did a lot of things in those hours of doing nothing... we laughed, we danced, we shared, we read, we enjoyed those moments. That day, after a long time I realised the importance of doing nothing.

No one can deny the fact that parents have a huge role to play in shaping the personality of a child. You do a lot of things for the child to learn and understand the way of life, things, which will benefit them in the long run. I have a long list of stuff, I tell Z. We have so much to achieve as parents (and otherwise) that we forget the best things life has to offer.

An imporant life lesson I would like to pass on to Z is "Don't forget to relax with a cup of coffee/tea and a book..." Life is too short to constantly stay on the go. Go out there and achieve what you want to, but once in a while (every other day) do not forget to take out a few minutes to just sit doing absolutely and completely NOTHING.

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