Sunday, June 23, 2019

Book Review - Pops!

Book Name: Pops!
Author: Balaji Venkataramanan
Published by: Duckbill
Reviewed by: Zoe (Age 8.5 years)

Pops! is a book about 7-year old Arun who lives with his Mumma and his Patti & Thatta. His life is normal like we would expect a 7-year old’s life. Everything seems normal expect the fact that Arun has never seen his dad. His father (Arun calls him ‘the Man’) left Arun and his Mumma when Arun was born. One day, suddenly Arun gets to know that he has to go to the family court. Arun is nervous as he will be meeting the Man for the first time. At first, Arun doesn’t like him, as the Man had left them. Soon things start to change, when Arun’s school play comes near. Patti & Thatta don’t like the fact that Arun actually has started liking the Man. If I tell you anything beyond this, then the surprise will get spoilt (I don’t like doing that).

Many people (like me) can’t think of a life without Pops! (I call mine Fizzy). Arun could and he did live without his dad for 7 long years. The book is great, very interesting, because now I know how it feels like not having a parent. I personally wouldn’t ever think of being in Arun’s place.

Arun was really forgiving and a little mature for his age, I could relate to Arun, but only a bit. Pops was a very kind man who would never raise his voice and he seem like a happy-go-lucky person. Arun’s Mumma is a little strict, but very loving and forgiving. Thatta & Patti are always dull mood (Mumsy says sombre is a better word), they keep telling Arun that Pops will take him away one day; I personally don’t like when they do that.

I kept myself in Arun’s place & felt very bad for him not having a dad, but for Arun it was normal till he went to the court. 

To Balaji Venkataramanan (writer of the book), I would like to say’, “The book is amazing, where did you get the idea from? Do let me know…”


  1. Loved it! I am fascinated at how intricately you have expressed what you felt about each character. I personally liked the way you empathized with Arun. It's a huge quality to have at this age. May God bless you with abundance in this and more always. Keep going, dear girl! I will look forward to more ��

    1. Thnks you for your kind words Divya Aunty...

  2. Zoe, my darling! You don't know me or should I say you don't remember me, but I've always watched you and your incredible milestones. I've seen you growing from a cuddle bundle to a smart, intelligent, and lovely girl. I am thrilled to read your book review. You've done such a fantastic job. Now, promise me that you'll keep writing the book reviews. I will look forward to read them. God bless you my girl. Keep going. Loads of love and blessings.

  3. Thank you so much... I love to write as much as I like reading

  4. My darling ZoZo, this review hasn't surprised me at all. You have always been so passionate about books that reviewing one was something that we saw coming. Now coming to the review, I loved how you kept the element of surprise intact. I don't like spoilers and I am so glad you didn't let out the surprise. Thank you. I really liked how you placed yourself in Arun's shoes, it's indeed a very difficult situation and I pray no child has to be in one ever. Parents are both equally important in a child's life. In fact even us adults need our Mamma & Daddy all the time. We are never old enough to not miss our parents. I especially like how you have worded the review. You already sound like a seasoned book reviewer, possibly a book critic in the making 😉 Now please continue doing the good job that you are doing. I'll be waiting for more. Love you, my doll. Xx

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  6. Wonderful, Zoe! Loved reading your review. Can you please do this regularly? Also send out book recommendations!


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