Sunday, June 2, 2019

Z Takes Charg

Being Zoe’s Mom is changing for good. I have been away from the blog as I got busy with work and life in general. Z, the hero of this blog keeps reading the posts and wants me to get back to writing, I have tried in the past but failed miserably. So, I gave the charge of this blog to Ms. Z, not complete charge, but the charge of churning out some amazing content. She’s been writing in her journal regularly for the past 3 years, yes, she is 8 years 6 months…. She has a habit of noting down everything. She has now agreed to let you have a little peek in her life… So, I will be sharing a few entries (unedited) with all of you… 

Here’s Zoe’s mum saying bye… hope you have fun reading. 

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