Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Poor Zoe has been crying (read shrieking) her lungs out, as soon as I left her on the couch to attend to some assignments. Whoever thought it was very easy to work from home is highly mistaken, and doesn't has a baby fighting with Separation Anxiety to take care of. Right now, if I go in front of Z without completing the task at hand, she will start it all over again.

Separation Anxiety is something which is extremely hard to deal with. Even if you have a house full of people, the baby wants to cling on to you. It is EXHAUSTING to express it mildly.

It has been a rough week for Zoe, we have been on a holiday to some relatives and she is not used to seeing so many people around. Everyone wants to hold her or hug her. My baby doesn't understand its out of love and hates being touchy-touhy.

At first, when your baby is born she feels you and her are the same person. Then she develops as an individual, this sets in the fear of getting abandoned. The stage can start anywhere at 6 months and continues for a few months. A baby can have separation anxiety till two years of age.

When eventually your baby starts growing and developing higher level of independence and self-awareness, she would get over separation anxiety.

Try to leave your baby with others for a few minutes, so that she gets used to being with someone else.

I just hope my Z gets over this stage and becomes the friendly baby she once was as soon as possible. Till then I would have to live with my baby clinging on to me....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

9 Months have flown... Cheers to 9 months of ZoeMoe

I'm writing this a couple of days in advance, coz I would be a tad bit busy on the D Day itself.

Zoe will be turning 9 months soon and I really can't come to terms with the fact. When Z was born I wanted her to reach this phase real fast, coz for me the thought of handling a small baby alone was a little daunting. Didn't know its going to be so fast.

Last 3 months have seen her master new tricks every now and then. That means I have to become extra careful of where she is and what she is upto. From sitting, to crawling, to trying to stand with support to saying 'Da-da' all happened in the last 3 months. Another thing which she has developed (which most 9 months old do) is that she loves dropping things and loves it when we pick these articles up. As soon as we give it back to Z, she drops it again after a couple of seconds... (there goes my back again)...

She is becoming an individual with every passing day, she has her own set of mood swings, tantrums, loves getting attention and when she needs her me time she wouldn't even give you a second look no matter how hard you try. She is actually so much like me and Fizz in her own sweet way. Like me she is an attention seeker and loves being around with people, if you ignore her... she shouts, speaks non-stop, and does all possible things to attract your attention. Like me again she is a drama queen, she is a total entertainment channel. Just like dad dearest she is short-tempered and just like him she knows how to charm people. She has also developed a new found attraction to gadgets be it the remote, cell phone (she prefers my blackberry over her dads :-( ), plugs and wires (just like the both of us... or just like most babies). That meant we should not only be careful but baby proof our house as well.

That is actually as of now, let us see what happens in the coming months and how she shapes up as an individual :-). Next couple of months will see me preparing for her 1st year completion Insh Allah, trying to lose some much needed weight, and spending more and more time with my baby.

Allah has blessed me and Fizz a plenty and sent an angel in our lives. God Bless Z and God bless us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cheers to New Mommies World.

When you become a mom you become a part of a brand new group, a group comprising of Sleep deprived, exhausted, memory impaired women. You are able to connect with this group as soon as you give birth to your baby. What follows is lots of comparisons, discussions and debates. No one can understand the plight/happiness of a new mom but a new mother herself (A live example is our very own group).

This new found club, a unique union does not require a formal meeting. In fact some people hardly know anything about each other than the fact that their babies fall in the same age group (well almost). All members aren't like minded which at times gives rise to heated debates on topics like breastfeeding v/s formula, diapers v/s nappies, girls v/s boys, working v/s SAHM and so on.

New moms can also boost of a new kind of humor which only "Moms" can understand. Discussing baby poops can make mommies laugh out load, the short-comings of a new dad brings the much needed smile on our lips.

The bonding that happens is amazing. Mom groups are so powerful, that all of a sudden a sis-in-law who you couldn't see, becomes your sole mate. The newer moms who join the group, need a ear to listen to their queries and the 'experienced moms' flood them with suggestions. It becomes the responsibility of the experts to inform the new mommas about colic, swaddling, starting solids, etc.

The best part of this bonding is we celebrate the smallest victories only we can find.

Tip Time: Talk to a new mom who you know. Remember, instead of loading her with advice, listen to her, sympathize with her, and tell her about one of your hilarious and embarrassing new-mom screw-ups. She will not only appreciate it but be grateful to you.

Here is to our New Mommies world... Happy Bonding and Happy Parenting.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hmmmmm... How I wish...

The moment I knew I was pregnant with Zoe, I had always wished for a normal delivery. I always wanted to feel the moment and I wanted to witness the birth of my baby in front of my own eyes.

All was good during my pregnancy, I didn't face any problem what so ever (touch wood). All my tests were good and my doc was quite happy.

My baby was due 14th Dec 2010, and on Nov 25th I went on a routine check, it was a Thursday and I was working from Home. I wasn't feeling good since morning (just mood swings or maybe it was a sign) and luckily Faizan took an off that day.

The doc sensed something wrong and from afternoon till midnight, we were shuffling between a nursing home (where my doc used to check us) and Apollo Hospital where the delivery was scheduled.
At midnight I was told the position was critical as the baby had passed meconium in the tummy and I had to be operated.

Zoe was born at 1:06 am on 26th Nov and I saw her only at 3am that day... I wasn't in my complete senses and when I heard my daughter was born I was elated. My doc told me that the problem wasn't with me, if Zoe wouldn't have pooped ;-) I would have had a normal delivery...

Zoe will soon be turning 9 months, and I still wish it was a normal delivery. I don't know how labour pains feel like, I don't know what it feels when you are going through the entire process, I donno what my baby looked like just the moment she came into this world. I don't know...

Still I can't thank Allah Ta'ala enough for the angel He has blessed us with. Love u my baby.