Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Poor Zoe has been crying (read shrieking) her lungs out, as soon as I left her on the couch to attend to some assignments. Whoever thought it was very easy to work from home is highly mistaken, and doesn't has a baby fighting with Separation Anxiety to take care of. Right now, if I go in front of Z without completing the task at hand, she will start it all over again.

Separation Anxiety is something which is extremely hard to deal with. Even if you have a house full of people, the baby wants to cling on to you. It is EXHAUSTING to express it mildly.

It has been a rough week for Zoe, we have been on a holiday to some relatives and she is not used to seeing so many people around. Everyone wants to hold her or hug her. My baby doesn't understand its out of love and hates being touchy-touhy.

At first, when your baby is born she feels you and her are the same person. Then she develops as an individual, this sets in the fear of getting abandoned. The stage can start anywhere at 6 months and continues for a few months. A baby can have separation anxiety till two years of age.

When eventually your baby starts growing and developing higher level of independence and self-awareness, she would get over separation anxiety.

Try to leave your baby with others for a few minutes, so that she gets used to being with someone else.

I just hope my Z gets over this stage and becomes the friendly baby she once was as soon as possible. Till then I would have to live with my baby clinging on to me....

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