Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not fit to be a Mom...

Zoe got up earlier than usual today... why today? I just came back to Bangalore last night from a nice but tiring holiday... the house was in a mess, spent most of my night cleaning up with Faizan, I wanted to sleep till late as it was a Sunday... but Zoe had other plans. I let her first babble and then cry in her crib for a good 5 minutes before I decided to pick my baby up. Yeah... Yeah I know you all must be thinking what kind a mom am I... How can I let my baby cry for 5 long minutes.

Well, this is me... a mother who doesn't want to lose herself in the process of becoming a mom. That does not for sure means becoming selfish when it comes to Zoe. For me becoming a parent (especially a mother) is about learning and unlearning, about discovering yourself and not forgetting about yourself. It's about exploring a whole new world with your baby's eyes. More than anything else I believe in enjoying the entire process and not becoming stressed over small things.

For me bringing up a baby is not only a mom's responsibility but dads should be equally responsible. That is why when Faizan wants to do something (a lot of things) for Zoe I don't mind at all. I let him do it, in fact I like it as, because of Faizan I get the much needed time with myself.

People who know me tell me 'what kind of mum are you?', 'how can you let Faizan take care of the baby alone?', 'you are a mother, you should not sleep till late on weekends'... In short they think I'm not fit to be a mom...

I don't need to answer them, I know that I might not be the 'conventional mother' but I'm The Perfect Mother for Zoe. If that would not have been the case, why would a crying Zoe only become quiet in my lap? why does she only want to cling on to me when my baby is not feeling good?, why does she need me when she is sleepy? My Zoe might not convey it to me in words (just yet) but I know when she would be able to speak she will tell me... "Mumsu, you are fit to be only Zoe's mum, Love u"


  1. You are the best Mommy.... Zoe is blessed to have you as her mom... Love to Zoe and Mumsu....

  2. Hey never used get time to read anything let alone blogs...
    I could not agree with you more...every word that you have right there holds true for me as well....but unfortunatly the world dosent share the same sentiments.anyways who cares... you go girl....good one


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