Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alaways a small girl in the eyes of my Mum

I can never get old for my mum (in fact for my entire family) and I love being like that. I have been more of my A.J's girl since I was a baby... I remember A.J used to tell mum 'I'll not send her off after her marriage, I'll get a "ghar-jamai' for F"... With mum things were different, we had our share of arguments, shed tears, confessed things and fought over pity issues. For me, my mum has always been biased towards my elder sister. My mind set did change as I grew, but still I love teasing mum about it. My mum being the 'Jazz Queen' (is what I call her) that she is, gets all dew-eyed and senti whenever I bring up the topic.

After reading my last post, I called mum and she sounded guilty for not being around when I need her the most. I hate myself for being so blunt and saying everything out loud. I know mum would've loved to come if she would've been able to. She still feels I'm a baby and I will always be one in her eyes. Love u lots Ma... U are the best.

I'm still a baby in my mum's eyes

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