Saturday, March 17, 2012

Letter from a very upset mum

I'm writing this because I'm completely hurt... This is for my family ... So if you aren't family, you are most welcome to read it out (if you want) and laugh at my situation :-)

Dear Family,

I keep on hearing a lot about benefits of extended or joint families specially when you are bringing up a child. The baby gets exposed to lots of people which apparently is good for the kid. Since I have been bought up and am staying in a nuclear family, I'm pretty sure I would not be able to live in a joint family. That doesn't mean I don't like relatives and family members coming of to our place and exploring a new city.

We shifted to Bangalore (from Delhi) when Z was just 4 months old, and I feel sorry for her at times. She deserves all the love, care and attention that every other kid gets in the family. I have traveled a couple of times with Z and it isn't easy specially when you travel alone. Our family is based in North/East India and for them traveling to Bangalore is like traveling to some other planet. These people expect me to take a 4-5 hour long flight with a small baby at the drop of a hat but cannot do that themselves. The only person who visited us in the last 1 year was my mother (that too just for 10 odd days).

So guys I'm pissed off ... really pissed of. I'm not going to travel with Z alone now (if its not for a holiday), I've had it enough.

P.S: If you cannot come over, please don't sympathize with me, I don't need your sympathies...


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